Madonna has no time for haters, and on Sunday posted a silly video on Instagram that was accompanied by a harsh takedown of those who criticize her.

“Madame ❌ is a history professor,” she wrote in the caption, accompanying a NSFW video in which she goofs around with her stage crew, putting on various accents before declaring she’s the “first president of the United States of America” and insisting that “Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were gay — and they were lovers.”

“IG police other wise known as women-hating Misogynistic bigots can F**k off!!!!!” she wrote.

“Your fear of what I represent is palpable and the fact that you follow me and Take the time to make remarks is an advertisement for your stupidity -ignorance and intolerance for that which is different,” she continued, adding a middle-finger emoji.

“If i am not relevant then prove it,” she concluded. “Stop following me. Lol.”

This isn’t the first time Madonna has been critical of social media. Last month, she gave an interview to The Sun in which she proclaimed that the purpose of Instagram is to make people “feel bad” about themselves.

“You get caught up in comparing yourself to other people. Should I be like that, act like that, look like that? Will that make me more popular, or more successful?” she said.

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“I think Instagram is made to make you feel bad,” she continued. “People are really a slave to winning people’s approvals.”

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