So, Madonna aka Madame X was there for the long haul last night at the Chicago Theater. The anticipation was high for everyone and especially for little old me, traveling from the Netherlands for this (and for my sister, for whom it was the very first time seeing the Queen ;)

Madame X arrived at a little over 11pm and was absolutely mesmerizing till it ended at 1.30am. With this show you finally get to see and experience the full force of her new album and how she intended it to be.

She took us on a journey through Colombia, Portugal, Africa, Spain, Brazil to bring us back to New York in the 70’s. The message throughout is the call for equality, love and being present in the world we live in. We can all be and should strive to be a freedom fighter and I couldn’t agree more.

The Madame X show really is fit for arena’s, but the vibe of the theater doesn’t make you want it any other way. She is very comfortable, funny and relaxed which makes everyone adore her even more. The famous Polaroid sells for a whopping 4000 dollars to none other than Detox (RuPaul’s Drag Race) and the crowd is ecstatic.

Everyone seems to be in the moment and you can tell she thrives on this. The show mainly contains songs from the new album, but mixes well with a couple of old songs. Especially ‘Frozen’ is stunning with Madonna behind her piano and daughter Lourdes displayed on the screen in front of her. Also daughters Mercy, Stella and Estere make special appearances throughout the show.

The visuals, dancers and overall experience is what I know and love about Madonna, she leaves nothing to chance and everything is carefully planned and rehearsed to the T. But seeing her as Madame X in this performance made it the most intimate show I’ve ever seen of her. The late start of the show is the only thing I struggled with and more people did unfortunately. A lot of people leaving before the show ended and the lady in front of me actually fell asleep during the show. Be sure to get your beauty sleep before the show so you can keep up with our secret agent, freedom fighter, dancer, professor, head of state, housekeeper, equestrian, prisoner, student, mother, child, teacher, nun, singer, saint, whore and spy in the house of love. She IS Madame X.

Madonna aka Madame X

The Chicago Theater

October 21st 2019

by Marjolein Heijen-Pilk