Madonna just completed another show at The Palladium in London and there are absolutely no words to express how utterly incredible she was.

Madonna started on time (around 9) and it was clear from the start that she was in very good spirits and absolutely mesmerizing. She opened with ‘God Control’ and performed the full first act.

The polaroid sold for 2000GBP. There was no beer bitch, but Madonna chose to sat down on the stage stairs and sing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ as Andrew Lloyd Webber was present. It was absolutely magical.

Madonna’s voice was on point and there were no signs of her injuries troubling her.

When Madonna finished ‘Like a Prayer’ she spoke about ‘fucking censorship’. The theater was about to pull the plug on her due to the curfew.

What happened back in 2015 in Glasgow, is what happened again tonight at The Palladium. The theater turned on the lights and drew the curtain but Madonna and dancers powered through and still performed the final track ‘I Rise’ along with an over enthusiastic crowd.

It was absolutely magical.

No other words to describe how incredibly good she was.

Artists are here to disturb the peace indeed.