Surprise! Madonna makes the best out of her residency at Paris Le Grand Rex to open an exclusive pop-up store in town. Discover exclusive Madame X items created in partnership with Madonna and stylist MAE from March 4 to 14, 2020.

Madonna keeps on surprising people in Paris! First with her shows at Le Grand Rex for being hours late and then cancelling some more because of her health!
But the Queen of Pop has not yet said her last word, far from it!
The singer makes the best of her stay in Paris for her “Madame X Tour” to open from March 4 to 14, 2020 pop-up store in the Marais area.

Available in this pop-up store then, exclusive items created by painter and stylist MAE with the colors of Madonna’s “Madame X Tour. Black, red, white t-shirts or hoodies but some items are also displaying camouflage patterns or the artist herself and her intimate world tour. Exclusive items in limited edition only available at this pop-up store.
And to be honest, we’ll have to fight to her a t-shirt or a hoodie.

But that’s not all, Madonna’s pop-up store also provides – among others – customized hats, vinyls, pictures numbered by the artist and shot by Ricardo Gomes.
More than the average store, Madonna’s pop-up store is also the occasion to visit the singer’s visual universe, the same as the one she provides on stage.

Please also note a charity sale will be held on Thursday March 12 for the foundation created by MadonnaRaising Malawi. Give not further thoughts and let’s go on a shopping spree.

Queen of Pop fans, let’s meet in her Parisian pop-up store!

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