Some of Madonna’s studio albums on CD have been re-issued in new jewel cases. Like a Prayer is a funny one though; it has the old original catalogue number, while the second edition had a different catalogue number. Here a few of the German releases:

-1st edition – 925 844-2 (RSA) ‘Spanish Eyes’ on tracklisting, patchouli scented

-1st edition – 925 844-2 Made in West Germany by PDO ‘Spanish Eyes’, scented

-2nd edition – 7599-25844-2 MWE ‘Spanish Eyes’ has been re-titled ‘Pray For Spanish Eyes’, not scented, error in the ‘M’ of Madonna on front cover (blue colored bit)

-New edition – 925 844-2 Sonopress C-6858/9258442 B, Spanish Eyes back to it’s original title, not scented, different jewel case (see pic)

Check out the pictures for more information

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