Madonna performing on stage during her Rebel Heart tour

Oh, Madonna. What have you done? At first I thought I must be hearing things.

But when I realised that people inside Manchester Arena were actually booing the Queen of Pop for being late – I was shocked.

After falling down a set of steps because of a faulty cape, hasn’t Madge she been through enough already this year?

It was explained earlier in the evening that the show would run late because of reasons ‘beyond the artist’s control’. But some fans either didn’t believe her, or have the patience to wait.

There was a time when Madonna used to shock us for far more than keeping us waiting for an hour.

For her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards way back in 1984, she sang Like a Virgin while writhing around on the stage in a wedding dress with a crucifix cut out of the front.

She wore a racy conical bra for her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour and the following year she released her coffee table book Sex, which was crammed full of saucy photos and full-frontal nudity to coincide with the release of her Erotica album.

And the Vatican condemned her controversial 1989 video for the song Like A Prayer which featured burning crosses and statues crying blood.

Madge was causing mayhem long before Lady Gaga was swanning around in a frock made of meat and Rihanna was trilling about S&M. RiRI kept the crowd waiting for longer than Madonna when she performed in Manchester last time out and there was no explanation for her lateness.

And there were no boos for her.

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At least Madonna explained, in her own acerbic way, the reason for her tardiness. If Liam Gallagher uttered the same response, nobody would have batted an eyelid.

Yes we have jobs to get to, car parking to pay for, trains to catch and children to tend to.

But we’re talking one night out of the rest of the year to spend an evening with the Material Girl. One of the last of a dying breed of proper pop star.So they had to wait a bit. Did people want Madonna to give them a lift home and tuck them up in bed too?

Sometimes technical hitches happen. We’ve all been prone to failing IT at work, no? Madonna can do many things but fixing a video screen that crashed isn’t one of them.

To be called a “diva b****” by Madonna is actually quite the compliment in my eyes. And we have learned from the master.

Madonna has always been bold and unapologetic. That’s how true pop icons should be – and it’s why we love them.

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