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46th edition Mega Record & CD Fair | November 12 & 13 | Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands

Mega Record & CD Fair celebrates the comeback of Vinyl

Vinyl is back at the Mega Records & CD Fair, even though some might say it never left the building. Vinyl lovers from all over the world find their way to the greatest record fair in the world, not least on Saturday when the 46th edition coincides again with the Le Guess Who? festival. On Saturday and Sunday November 12 & 13 collectors of vintage gramophone records and freshly pressed vinyl meet in Utrecht, where the Jaarbeurs houses more than 500 stands in 12.500 square metres of floor space dedicated to a great extent to good old and yet super contemporary vinyl records.

Record Fair Utrecht
overview hall 12 April 2016

Special guest at this edition will be author Clinton Heylin (UK). Heylin, well known for several books on Bob Dylan, will autograph his latest book ‘Dylan 66’ – scheduled for October – and his recently published book ‘Anarchy in the Year Zero’. Other events are: a Prince tribute and exhibition curated by knowledgeable Dutch collectors Arno Konings and Roald Bakker. There are record launches and performances by hard-rock band Helloïse, rockabilly duo ‘The Sensational Second Cousins’ and Australian blues-folk duo Kenna and Cox. Meet and greet many musicians from the first wave of Dutch punk bands like Ivy Green and Panic at the launching of the ‘I Don’t Care’ part 2 Dutch punk compilation. Omega Auctions (UK) will auction rare records and memorabilia life at the fair. A free Pop quiz on Sunday and many more to come.

Route Anarchy by Clinton Heylin Record Fair Utrecht
Anarchy in the Year Zero by Clinton Heylin

Many music lovers regard the vinyl record as the best sound reproduction medium that ever existed. A nice record collection is a joy for ever. Others see long playing records as part of their lifestyle, essential for the modern interior and beautiful artefacts that show taste, style and love of music. The vinyl record has made an incredible comeback over the last twenty years, from a classic medium for a select group of aficionados to a new way to set music apart from the disappointing sound quality of heavily compressed mp3-files or streaming services.

Record Fair Utrecht

Vinyl has a warmer sound, a record makes you feel its grooves in a direct way and the art work of an album cover looks way better in its bigger, original format. International record labels such as Sundazed, Back To Black and Music On Vinyl do great work in providing fresh product to the growing market for virgin vinyl. Record plants operate at full capacity and new albums by Foo Fighters, Adele, D’Angelo and the late David Bowie appeared recently in special vinyl editions. Reissues by Led Zeppelin and Sly & the Family Stone show their full glory on newly pressed LP’s and a reincarnation of The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers cannot be complete without Andy Warhol’s cover design of a pair of jeans with a real zipper.

International praise has been loaded upon the vinyl heaven that the Mega Record & CD Fair is. The Sunday Times (UK) spent last April two pages to describe the wonders of the biggest record fair in the world. Music journalist Jon Savage (MOJO, England’s Dreaming) wrote a loving tribute and can be found at the fair on his everlasting search for obscure sixties singles or (no kidding!) Dutch glam rock on vinyl. Web site celebrated the “torrid, slightly narcotic daydream” a tour of this magic music fair can make you experience.

Today’s record collector is no longer subject to the general stereotype of the scruffy older man with a well-worn linen bag hanging from his shoulder. Avid record hunters mix with happy day trippers who want to experience the vinyl dream. Free spirits, young women and hip young gunslingers are roaming the fair to find the one record that will make their life happier and more exciting. Feel free to visit the Mega Record & CD Fair because this is the place where the vinyl record will always be in the spotlight. Special editions, independent releases and major success albums all get the attention they deserve. Vinyl records, like diamonds, are forever.

Mega Record & CD Fair Autumn 2016
  • Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Jaarbeursplein 6 in Utrecht.
  • Saturday November 12 from 9.00 am till 5 pm
  • Sunday November 13 10.00 am till 5 pm
  • Entrance at the cash register: € 14,- (children up to 12 free)
  • Website presale: € 12,50