Justify My Love was Madonna’s first ever video single. The music video was deemed unfit for TV and therefore it was decided to release it as a video single. In Europe the record company added the MTV performance of “Vogue” to the video single. 

In the videography we have seven different pressings of the video for you to view. Most interesting is the European promo that is included, as this is the only copy I have ever come across.

Around 15 years ago on the mega record and CD fair in Utrecht I stumbled upon the VHS offered by a Dutch dealer. It caught my eye as I had never seen the video single in a full colour slipcase (same picture both sides), I was so intruiged by it I never thought of asking the seller more about it. Only thing he said to me was ‘interesting one hey?’, he asked 10 EUR for the tape.

The video is housed in a highly glossy thick cardboard slipcase, same picture printed both sides (same image as used on the sticker for the commercial video singles), the side and top have the title printed and the VHS has a sticker label with the title and mentions it is in PAL format. The tape is the length of the music video and stops right after it finishes. I have never come across another. Research has learned me that this is possibly a high security promo, hence so few around.

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