After many years of hard work and support from partners and donors from around the world, Madonna and Raising Malawi are delighted to announce that the Mercy James Centre For Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care will officially open on July 11, 2017!

Want to get involved and be a part of this historical and fantastic event? Here are ways to show your support:

WEAR YOUR LOVE: Madonna has just released Raising Malawi limited edition t-shirts with all proceeds going to the hospital. Choose your favorite from adult and children’s designs, including some inspired and created by Rene Makela, one of the artists behind the splendid mural paintings created for the Mercy James Centre! Order your shirt, support the cause and spread the word by proudly wearing your Raising Malawi t-shirt on the street!

SHARE YOUR LOVE: We have just created a Facebook Event page for the hospital opening: Join the event now and start sharing the info, posts and photos we’ll be adding throughout the week and until July 11 with your friends, family and fellow Madonna fans!
GO FURTHER: Raising Malawi continues to develop vital projects that support orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi through health, education and more… Visit the site to make a global donation or to help with one of their specific programs.
On July 11, Malawi will officially have its first and only pediatric surgery and intensive care unit. Let’s take the next step by providing access to doctors, nurses and surgeons with the means to save lives and to provide care for the children growing up in this region of the world.

A Huge Thank You on behalf of Madonna and the Raising Malawi team!