In 1992, actress-model Isabella Rossellini made headlines when she collaborated with Madonna on what was to become the Material Girl’s most controversial project to date, the Sex book.

HuffPost Live’s Ryan Buxton grilled Rossellini on her feelings on Madonna’s Sex now, 22 years after its release. In recent years, the star, now 62, has been critical of the book, calling it “moralistic” in its approach to the subject matter.

“I was delighted to be able to work with [photographer Steven Meisel] and I was delighted to work with Madonna, because she’s a very interesting woman,” she said. “I wanted to be part of it when they asked me to be part of it.”

As for the final product, she said, “If you see a businessman — or me, an older woman — naked, there is a vulnerability. I thought that the book lacked that.”

She added, “Madonna was almost too beautiful, too perfect … too shaped, to have that vulnerability or the sense of shock that a regular, more normal, not so professional fitted body, could convey.”

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