It’s been over 30 years since Madonna released her hit “Material Girl,” and the singer now has the real estate portfolio to prove her claims. Over the past few decades, the Queen of Pop has accumulated an impressive collection of homes located in London, Beverly Hills, New York City, Lisbon, and more. The singer makes each city she lives in a new hub for her many projects. For instance, the historic 18th-century Moorish mansion in Portugal that she purchased in 2017 became the location for her daily dispatches during the pandemic. Most recently, she bought a Hidden Hills estate from The Weeknd—likely a sign of her return to Hollywood in time to release new music in 2022. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the singer’s other famous dwellings.


Madonna’s first marriage to actor Sean Penn also marked the start of her real estate portfolio, when the couple picked up a unit in the grand Harperley Hall just off Central Park in New York City. After their divorce in 1989, the singer held onto the apartment and purchased two more units on the fifth and sixth floor, combining them into a massive six-bedroom duplex. Her brother, Christopher G. Ciccone, designed the space in collaboration with architect Stephen Wang, in what became sanctuary for the singer for many years. “Who could I have more in common with than someone I grew up with?” she said in a 1991 Architectural Digest interview. “We like the same things, from music to what we eat.” She ultimately listed the duplex for $23.5 million in November 2012 and sold it for an undisclosed amount several months later.

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