We have had some questions regarding the pick up of the Early Entry packages for namely the show in Amsterdam. Whether people can sell them to others, and how will it work with changing the package to a different name? If people that bought the package couldn’t make it on time to pick it up, can someone do it for them. Here are the answers

  • Unfortunately you cannot authorize someone else to pick up your Early Entry package for you, these are strictly reserved for the person who bought it and will only be given away to him/her
  • You can sell your Early Entry package to someone else if you can’t make it on the date, however TunedHospitality prefers you to contact Live Nation / Tuned Hospitality in order to change the name of the party picking up the lot at the box office. Only this person will then be given a wristband and the goodies as proof that everything has been received.
  • Be sure to bring a copy of the passport of the original buyer. If you sell your package make sure the buyer gets a copy.