After posting the shooting script of the ‘Human Nature’ music video for its 25th anniversary I received a lot of inquiries re more info on the item.

I delved into my many boxes and after searching for a few hours and messing up my back I finally found it. I haven’t looked at it in years as it’s always been stored away. 

Turns out it is not a script perse but the full itinerary to shooting the music video. The itinerary holds 24 pages and includes full details to:

  • all contact information of personnel, crew, styling, make up, production, dancers and Madonna’s people
  • full schedule as to when and where M will be rehearsing
  • Address details to studio and more
  • Lyrics to the song and specified how it’s vocally delivered
  • Madonna’s travel plan
  • Hotel information
  • plan of layout studio’s
  • Post production
  • Stage information
  • vendor/supplier list
  • Travel directions 
  • and more

I included a peek inside. For obvious reasons I won’t be scanning the entire document.