A fans’ response regarding the hypocrisy of the media, and the way they have been treating Madonna since the start of her career. Whatever she does, she can’t ever win. It is time she gets the respect she earns.

How the world simply cannot live with(out) Madonna:

  • In 1983 we thought was kind of disco chick is that? she sounds like Minnie Mouse? She will never last
  • In 1984 we thought she was simply outrageous, how dare she roll around the stage like THAT?! she will NEVER last, she is NOT the new Cyndi Lauper
  • In 1985 parents wanted to put a ban on Madonna as all their children started to dress like her, underwear as outer wear? NO WAY!!
  • In 1986 she DARED to promote abortion, how DARE she??!! And girl…..why did you lose weight? or cut your hair? you look like a boy now. Don’t even get me started on Shanghai Surprise!!
  • In 1987 Europe finally got to see her perform live, her live singing sucks!! how dare she?!
  • In 1988 we couldn’t find Madonna, oh wait she was in a theater? Oh man….that sucked, she is a lesbian now? Kissing Sandra Berhnard and all that??
  • In 1989 Madonna was a member of the KKK, yes because she was dancing in front of burning crosses, but then she kissed a black jesus? what a hypocrite she is!
  • In 1990 She dared to wear corsets on stage (again) and masturbated on a bed singing like a virgin?? We have to BAN her!! We have to make sure that her shows are canceled!
  • In 1991 She recorded a mini movie in this shady hotelroom in Paris, we have to BAN THAT NOW! She a whore now?
  • -In 1992 don’t even get me started on this year, no we do NOT want to see and read what your sexual fantasies are, but secretly we did……
  • IN 1993 she toured with The Girlie Show, she had a bare chested lady coming down a pole?? No way….she is sooooooo over. By the way Janet Jackson is the new Queen of Pop!
  • In 1994 she is kissing ASS, she wants us back, she is sorry for her sexual fantasies, she now wants to tell us bedtime stories…..that Take A Bow track is good though
  • IN 1995 I was a huge supporter of David Letterman, so we need to BAN Madonna!!
  • IN 1996 she bought a baby remember? she used that poor personal trainer for his you know what…..but damn….EVITA was good
  • In 1997 we couldn’t find her again, where are you? We need to bitch and moan about you!!
  • IN 1998 she’s mother Theresa now, we love it, you don’t say any bad words, you are all into kaballah, I am wearing a red string too!!!
  • In 1999 you’re going all gothic on us? No and you have MAN arms! A woman should not have muscles like that! BTW Britney is the new queen of pop!
  • IN 2000 you were going all cowgirl on us? and you made a song about Music? oh wait….you have an English accent now? Oh Madge!
  • In 2001 you weren’t singing ANY old greatest hits on your Drowned World Tour, I was so looking forward to hear Angel and The Look Of Love….BTW did you know that Kylie is the new Queen of pop?
  • In 2002 you gave us Swept Away…..no comment. Die Another Day? Worst Bond song to date? Up For Grabs? what was that?
  • In 2003 how DARE you speak out against the war, how dare you create a video like that? We need to BAN Madonna!! Kissing Britney?? Attention seeker!! Desperate!!
  • In 2004 Forgetting quickly about writing those kiddie books, you’re finally touring a Greatest Hits kinda show….but where is Like a Virgin Madonna?? We want Like a virgin!!
  • In 2005 she is going all disco on us and Hung Up is only popular because of the ABBA sample, and oh yeah remember Kylie is the new Queen of Pop
  • In 2006 Touring with the Confessions Tour, you are Jesus now? Hanging on a cross now? Oh boy…..nothing good is going to come off that….
  • In 2007 you buyin kids from Malawi? No way, you cannot buy kids, not you! Live Earth? Madge you own a freakin’ private jet…what about the world??
  • In 2008 you looked skin and bones during your tour, and girl you are getting old, remember female popstars aren’t allowed to age. Also what is this sh** with an R&B album? Didn’t Nelly Furtado already do that?
  • In 2009 move over M, Lady Gaga is the new queen of pop. MJ sadly passed away, you using that for your own show now?
  • In 2010 you directing a movie, going all W.E. on us. Not interested. The rest of the year, where were you? Oh yeah Lady Gaga still rules wearing all your old clothes
  • In 2011 We hate W.E., we hate it, we hate it. What happened to your face? Oh yeah Lady gaga still rules
  • In 2012 you drop MDNA on us, you’re singing about a Gang Bang? You are showing your nipple on stage? NO WAY!! You are way too old for that, remember you are not allowed to age! Oh yeah, Lady gaga doesn’t rule anymore
  • In 2013 you are the best paid female entertainer without doing anything at all, how is that possible? Lady Gaga has disappeared due to a made up hip injury, you see she wasn’t selling…..
  • In 2014 M you are OLD, you are old, you are old, you are old, you’re desperate, performing with Miley? How desperate. And oh yeah….you are old, you cannot wear those clothes, they’re too young for you. Lady Gaga…who’s that?

But in the meantime: no one can really stop talking about her……