The longest we have ever queued was for Madonna’s Hard Candy Showcase at Olympia in Paris on May 6, 2008. We spent a total of 27 hours on the streets of Paris and in the end we found out hadn’t needed to. Madonna had performed a promotional set to promote her new record in New York (with Justin Timberlake present as musical guest) and now it was time to delight the French (and those who traveled from abroad) to her Candy Shop. 

Only 30 minutes before tickets and wristbands were handed out to the queuing fans, we received a phone call from Warner Music telling us that there were tickets reserved to our name at the box office…Anyhow we were still very excited and pretty damn exhausted by the time we received the goods to gain entry to tonight’s event. By the time Madonna finally hit the stage that night at 10.30pm our feet felt like they were standing on a bed of nails. In the end Madonna was flawless and totally worth the wrecked feet. 

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