The luxury fitness brand Hard Candy Fitness, founded by Madonna along with New Evolution Ventures ( NeV ) and is represented worldwide, will open the third club (over 1300 square meters) with the opening of the LP12 Mall in Berlin.

The first Hard Candy Fitness club opened in November 2010 in Mexico City. Since then the company has expanded worldwide and with the opening with the LP12 Mall of Berlin a brand Pure Women’s Fitness Studio Hard Candy Fitness will open . The term Hard Candy is a reference to Madonna’s studio album from the year 2008 and is the company’s motto ” Harder is Better”.

Hard Candy Fitness Women is a high standard and with the brand’s own exclusive workouts Addicted to Sweat, which were developed on the basis of Madonna ‘s fitness programs, are targeted specifically at women. There will be a broad range of elementary group classes, all according to the standard of Hard Candy Fitness, including courses such as Ripped yoga, Ballast Ball Pilates and Strength in heels.

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