The most-comprehensive, in-depth review of Madonna’s Rebel Heart you’re ever likely to find. Gentlemen, is the Queen back? Have a read of what we thought…

The most in-depth full review of the new album

We’ve counted down all 13 previous studio albums, but here’s the big one – an exclusive, and extensive, full track-by-track review of Madonna’s Rebel Heart…


The single chosen to kick off the Rebel Heart campaign deviates a little from the leaked demo. It’s a flashback to old-school, early 1990s Madonna and could have dropped from the mixing desk of one-time go-to-guy Shep Pettibone. ‘Took me to heaven, let me fall down/Now that it’s over, I’m gonna carry on,’ she sings over Alicia Keyes’ pulsating piano before leading into a rousing chorus and a smattering of gospel house female backing vocals. It’s not a lead single with the oomph of Like A Prayer or Hung Up, but praise Jesus, it’s no Give Me All Your Lovin’ either.
Demo: ****
Final mix: ****

Not, as first assumed, an ode to the joys of narcotics, despite Madonna suggesting she and her beau could smoke weed, get stoned, drink whiskey or even sniff glue (are the kids still doing this?) The drugs mentioned are a metaphor for not giving into temptation of any type, set to a gypsy folk and dance beat echoing Don’t Tell Me. The opening flutes of the demo have been scrapped and producer Avicii reins in his usual balls-out default setting for a finely crafted mid-tempo melody. The end result is a chorus echoing The Animal’s House Of The Rising Sun and Avicii’s collaboration on Coldplay’s Sky Full Of Stars.
Demo: ***
Final mix: ****

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