Day 2 was a lot more relaxed for me.

Met up at noon with Tanja and had some lovely breakfast. Then shopped and chilled a lot. Tanja won the ICON contest and brought me as her guest, so early entry again for both of us.

We went to the arena around 16.00, we joined the queue all the way in the back as we didn’t have a number. At one point every woman was taken out of the queue and put in another much smaller queue, this because they couldn’t be searched by men. I was picked at one point as well as security told me to get inside at once.

Once inside at the table to register, we got a new high number. The organisation was really very good.

Around 17.45 someone checked the entire queue to see if everyone was still standing in the correct place regarding their number. I truly hope this is how they will handle the Amsterdam queue.

As we weren’t in a rush we joined some friends that arrived even later. The EE doors opened at 18:50 and walked in quietly on our way to the sounddesk. Time to get something to drink and something warm. The special Madonna drinking cups were also available during this second show in Barcelona. I have the entire set now.

So good hanging out with so many Madonna friends from within and outside of Europe. The support act didn’t start until 20.30, again Lunice the same as the first day. This made us thinking that M would start really late as the support act was 30 minutes later than yesterday.

But it was showtime at 22:14!!

Another fantastic show, her vocals were outstanding. Great interaction with the crowd, the 80’s medley was there again. Like a Prayer was our surprise song, what a lovely version this is. I went nuts dancing and singing along. During Music she included a bit of Spanish Lesson “Yo te quiero, means I love you”…Thank you Madonna, I love you too.

The Unapologetic Bitch was a bit weird, I think this was because he didn’t understand one word of English. Anyhow the Unapologetic Bitch was there way too fast as it meant that the show was almost over. The show’s running time was a mere two hours and fifteen minutes. What a party! I danced, screamed and sang.

Next stop: Antwerp

Dave Crombeen