We learn from the brand new Andy Cohen interview with Madonna for Entertainment Weekly, that she will perform: Vogue, Dress You Up, Who’s That Girl and Holiday.

However she won’t confirm if we’ll be hearing Holy Water during the nuns on dancing poles segment.

She also states she won’t be performing in Moscow or St. Petersburg again as it’s a place where being gay is criminalized.

On her favorite songs on Rebel Heart she adds ‘Well, I love “Ghosttown”. I love “Bitch I’m Madonna”, and I love “Illuminati”, “Holy Water”. The darker, crazier, more controversial songs’.

M thinks she was a horrible brat during the filming of Truth Or Dare and can’t believe what she said and did….the arrogance.

M will not be wearing her infamous grill on stage as it makes singing difficult.

The issue with the full interview is out now!