Movie Plotline:

Madonna’s Truth or Dare reveals her as she really is, on stage and off- the mother to her family of dancers, sex goddess to her millions of fans, businesswoman, singer, dancer… the biggest star in the world of music.

Join her experience and intimate backstage look at her “Blond Ambition” tour. From her hotelroom to her dressingroom, from her stage show to her boudoir, here is Madonna outrageous, hilarious, uninhibited.

See the truth. Madonna dares you..

Film Facts:

  • 1991
  • Directed by: Alek Keshishian
  • Documentary
  • Madonna as herself

Movie Exclusives:

  • This documentary was filmed during Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour in 1990
  • It offered a unique behind the scenes look of the tour + amazing live footage of the show filmed in Paris
  • The movie was titled ‘In Bed With Madonna’ in various countries. Madonna herself revealed during the UK premiere of ‘I’m Going To Tell You A Secret’ in 2005 that that particular title ‘wasn’t her idea’
  • The film originally started out as an HBO special
  • The first cut of the movie was 3,5 hours long
  • Over 200 hours of film was shot, the unused footage is currently in possession by Madonna’s management
  • Madonna attended the screening in Cannes and immediately made headlines worldwide due to her impressive entrance and Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble
  • The movie was a hit
  • Madonna intended to cut some scenes from the movie where she talks about Sean, but people convinced her not to
  • There are deleted scenes around in bad quality, they’re from a time coded promo
  • In the UK a ‘censored’ version was available on VHS
  • A special VHS edition in the USA came with two added live performances of Like A Prayer and Hanky Panky as bonus material
  • Kevin Costner was not amused after seeing the ‘neat’ scene in the movie
  • M said to Entertainment Weekly in 2015 that she doesn’t feel like seeing the movie, as ‘she was being a bitch to everyone’
  • Sadly dancer Gabriel Trupin has passed on
  • In 2016 a new (Dutch) documentary titled ‘Strike a Pose’ telling the dancers’ experiences during the tour is released. The touching documentary includes interviews with Carlton, Kevin, Oliver, Slam, Jose & Luis.
  • Strike A Pose premiered at Berlinale in Berlin and won second place at the Teddy Awards in the documentary category