Released on Women’s Day (March 8, 2017) this 12-minute short film about women’s rights, starring Madonna made its debut on the German VOGUE website. HER-STORY was directed by Luigi & Iango, and features Madonna (shot in black and white) roaming the streets and observing various scenes of women. The film wraps up with a quote from Hillary Clinton: “Women’s rights are human rights.”

HER-STORY features a cameo by musician Libby Larkin who performs the song “Billy Goat,”. It consists of eight chapters featuring dogs, various themes of womanhood and even a flashback at the Justify My Love video. HER-STORY is part of Madonna’s “Revolution of Love”, which started with secretprojectrevolution in 2013.


Film Facts:
  • 2017
  • A Film By: Luigi & Iango
  • Madonna as herself
Short facts:
  • The photoshoot shot by Luigi & Iango first appeared on German VOGUE in March 2017
  • The film premiered on the official German VOGUE website, later followed by the video on Madonna’s Facebook page
  • Shot in January 2017
  • Featuring: SOKO, Baylee Olsen, Libby Larkin, Julia Cumming
  • Produced by: Capture This
  • Executive Producers: Luke Lanter, Yousef Poursohi
  • Wardrobe Stylist: Arianne Phillips
  • Make-up for Madonna: Aaron Henrikson
  • Hair for Madonna: Andy LeCompte
  • Make-up: Fulvia Farolfi
  • Hair: Luigi Murenu
  • Hair Assistance: Hikaru Hirano, Serina Takei
  • Manicurist: Chiharu Natsume