Eva Peron (Madonna) was born the illegitimate daughter of a penniless farmer. Determined to make it to the top, Eva attaches herself to a popular tango singer (Jimmy Nail) in the big city.

Eva becomes a radio and film actress, moving in influential circles within Buenos Aires society. But when she becomes involved with rising politician Juan Peron (Jonathan Pryce), the establishment disapprove and he is arrested. Eva fights on for freedom, both for her husband and the oppressed masses. Peron is freed by the people, the couple marry and Peron is elected president.

But Eva’s greatest battle is yet to come.

Film Facts:

  • 1996
  • Directed by: Alan Parker
  • Madonna as Eva Peron

Movie Exclusives:

  • Madonna had been in talks for years to play the part of Eva Peron for the movie version
  • She wrote Andrew Lloyd Webber a letter begging for her part, and sent the ‘Take A Bow’ video
  • Madonna was loved and hated wherever she went to film
  • She wore brown contacts for her role as Eva Peron
  • Madonna had some vocal coaching to train her voice and sing the difficult songs, but she pulled it off brilliantly
  • Madonna kept a diary during filming, which was later published in ‘Vanity Fair’
  • Madonna found out that she was pregnant with Lola during filming
  • Of course the filming continued, but Madonna had to sit every now and then to recover from dizzy spells
  • Madonna spoke with the president of Argentina to convince him of their good intentions and the brilliantness of the movie, and to ask if they could film on the actual Casa de Rosada
  • During the filming of the scene where Eva gets told she is dying because she has cancer, Madonna tried to imagine how her own mother must’ve felt when she was told the news (Madonna’s mother died of breast cancer when Madonna was only five). Madonna spent the entire day crying
  • Madonna attended the official premiere in a few countries, including Spain, U.K., Italy and the U.S.
  • Madonna received a well deserved Golden Globe for her part as Eva Peron
  • The world was surprised when Madonna did not even get an Academy Award nomination
  • Madonna still attended the Academy Awards that night and peformed an amazing live version of ‘You Must Love Me’, which later won the Oscar for best song