Movie Plotline:

Based on the 1930’s cartoon “Dick Tracy”, this colourful movie tells a story about heroes and gangsters. Madonna is “Breathless Mahoney”, a nightclub singer / dancer who “belongs” to whatever gangster who might be in charge at the moment.

Enter Dick Tracy (Warren Beatty), who treats her with respect, even though they are on different sides of the law.

Film Facts:

  • 1990
  • Directed by: Warren Beatty
  • Action / comedy
  • Madonna as Breathless Mahoney

Movie Exclusives:

  • Madonna wrote Warren Beatty a letter begging for the part of ‘Breathless’ as ‘no one could play her but me’
  • Madonna took singing lessons so she knew how to use her voice for the specific songs written for the films’ soundtrack
  • Madonna released an album titled ‘I’m Breathless’ inspired by the movie. Madonna’s smash hit single Vogue was added to the tracklist.
  • Dick Tracy released two official soundtracks, none containing a recording by Madonna
  • Dick Tracy was a huge hype, there was a market for the merchandise
  • A figure of the ‘The Blank’ was released to the collector’s market, but almost immediately withdrawn as it revealed who ‘The Blank’ actually was
  • Dick Tracy was a success and Madonna’s acting was praised
  • Madonna attended the premiere in Los Angeles with Warren Beatty as her date (the two were dating at the time)
  • Madonna performed ‘Sooner Or Later’ at the 1991 Oscars, the song received the Academy Award for best original song from a film
  • Madonna dedicated a segment of her Blond Ambition Show to Dick Tracy, songs included were: Sooner or Later, Hanky Panky and Now I’m Following You