In This Viciously Raw and shocking film,director Abel Ferrara Explores the darker side of modern cinema with a savage intensity, using two of today’s most captivating and controversial performers ‘Harvey Keitel and Madonna” Although an experienced director, Eddie Israel (Keitel) could not have been prepared for what occurs on the set of his next project.

Helming a film about an abusive marriage, Eddie gets incredibly real performances from his actors. But more horrifying than the scripted violence is the fact that the brutality begins to seep off the set and into the actors’ and Eddies’ lives. As Eddie becomes increasingly involved with the production, and specifically his leading lady (Madonna) he finds himself even more entangled in this terrifying trap… one where the fantasy world of his film becomes a haunting reality.

Film Facts:

  • 1993
  • Directed by: Abel Ferrara
  • Madonna as Sarah Jennings

Movie Exclusives:

  • The movie has been released under two different titles ‘Dangerous Game’ and ‘Snake Eyes’
  • It was shown on several film festivals where it received mixed reviews
  • The press were impressed with Madonna’s acting but weren’t very positive regarding the movie itself for a change
  • Madonna agreed, saying ‘I hate it, but I’m good in it’
  • There was a rumour going on for quite some time that Madonna would shave her head for her part
  • Ferrara was upset with Madonna for ‘badmouthing’ the movie. He said she received good reviews and didn’t understand her need for her negative comments. To him, Madonna ‘killed’ the movie