6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb092c0ca2970d-800wiWidely published in the media these past few days was the news that Madonna’s ‘bedroom’ tapes during her time with Dan Gilroy would be made available. As with most stories in the media, things have been blown out of proportion just to attract readers.

Guy Guido, who is a Madonna fan himself wants to show nothing but respect for Madonna, he states that it is very important that the fans understand that this is being done more authentically than anything they have ever seen and that it is being done with admiration for Madonna. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t be promoting it.

The film will include intimate notes and original recordings done by Madonna with Dan Gilroy (whom she dated at the time), so this is nothing but amazing news for every Madonna fan out there.

Jamie Auld who is portraying Madonna looks absolutely stunning and makes a remarkable resemblance to the early ‘Emmy’ Madonna (as seen in the promotional shots below). Matthew Rettenmund also wrote on this on his BoyCulture blog.

What’s important to know is that we will finally learn more on her days in ‘The Breakfast Club’ and hear some of the recordings she did with Dan Gilroy. Not only that but once again, Guido is a huge fan himself and it is all done with a huge amount of respect for her. No need to worry.

We will be updating you once more news becomes available.

All pictures posted with permission by Guy Guido