Acclaimed writer and director Guy Guido chatted with Digital Journal about the new Madonna docudrama “Madonna and The Breakfast Club.”

This docudrama explores her days as a drummer, guitarist, keyboard player and songwriter in the Breakfast Club, a band she formed with Dan Gilroy, who she dated in the late ’70s. The film will be released across digital and on-demand platforms on March 12 via The Orchard.

“As a teen fan of Madonna back in the ’80s I had read a couple of her early biographies which touched on the Breakfast Club band and her time with them,” he said. “Although I always felt that there was more to that story and that this topic was usually just skimmed over.”

On the most surprising aspects that we may learn from the film he said, “For most people, the most surprising thing will be the diligence and life or death determination she had at roughly 20 years old. You don’t see that often, especially today. There also had been a mainstream misconception that Madonna was a talentless girl who used her sexuality to get herself a record deal and that couldn’t be further from the truth.”