Happy 30th to the Who’s That Girl Tour playing in Rotterdam!!

Today marks 30 years that Madonna first showed The Netherlands what an incredible live performer she really is, Holland was in a frenzy! To show you what it was like back then, we may have gathered all the newspaper clippings that were around at that time (probably not all, but most). We have given our Who’s That Girl page a HUGE update including:

  • A LOT of newspaper articles especially on the Rotterdam show, what did Holland think of her performance? And oh my gosh….there was underwear thrown!!
  • A LOT of magazine articles added on the opening in Japan as well as other stops of the tour
  • Many new memorabilia items such as the genuine Madonna $100 bill that was thrown into the Rotterdam audience, rare shirts, tourjacket, laserdiscs, various Rotterdam tickets and even a specially made public transportation information folder for the German shows!
  • EXCLUSIVE pictures taken from the audience at the Rotterdam show!
  • A couple of new video’s with various reports, watch our playlist!
  • Buy the show!

ENJOY Who’s That Girl Tour NOW!