Taken from The Guardian

Oh, didn’t think we’d get this after its Grammys outing. Madonna has suffered from Bjork syndrome of late: collaborating with the hottest production talent, sometimes using multiple examples in a single track, but not joining the dots with songwriting. Living For Love however manages to blend a properly good chorus with the backing track, even if you can still very much see the seams.

Once again, the look is “bejewelled sex-toreador”. She struts convincingly around the opening bars and then disaster: as her cape is yanked off she’s pulled off her podium and clatters to the floor! But as befits Madge, who has risen phoenix-like more times than anyone can remember, she’s a proper trooper and completes the song, though a little more muted than you might have otherwise expected. Many lesser performers would have missed an entire verse at such a nasty fall. Kudos!