Sometimes the old tricks are the best tricks, and BMW is considering digging up their action film series to create viral chatter over their new i8.

It has been over 13 years since Clive Owen played the mysterious “Driver” who travels from place to place in a (presumably) rented BMW, as a transporter. However, what seemed like a cool premise was made even cooler by a power studded production crew and cast, including directors Ang Lee, Johns Frankenheimer, Tony Scott, Madonna, Gary Oldman, Forest Whitaker, Mikey Rourke, and Adriana Lima.

In 2007, BMW adopted a similar idea in a film series called Hammer & Coop, which featured a more comedic approach. While the parody was good, most would agree that “The Driver” was better, which is what makes the potential of a revived BMW series even more exciting.

These are speculations of what BMW is considering, so there is no confirmation if they will be able to snag Owen or any of the previous talent for another go at viral domination over the Internet. However, BMW has confirmed an action series will be rekindled in the near future, and we can only assume that their new i8 electric/hybrid car will have a starring role in a good portion of it.

In case you forget how great the 2001 “The Hire” series actually was, here are a few highlights:


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