The final ‘single’ from Madonna’s Rebel Heart album was the notorious ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’, a song she performed in spectacular way at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Felon. 

By this time selected tracks of the Rebel Heart abum had been sent to radio as ‘singles’ in various countries. It became unclear which song was a single in which country, but we will get more into later. 

Madonna filmed a video for Bitch I’m Madonna featuring many surprise guests and becoming her most viewed music video on YouTube. Universal Music NL decided not to release the song as a ‘single’ to Dutch radio, they opted to see first what it would do abroad. In the end it never was a single here so if you see any promotional CD’s for this track with the Dutch Universal Music design, they are all fake. 

For the collectors there was very little to collect as there was no commerical physical single released. A 10 track promotional EP was sent out to all partners by the record company. 

For the discography we managed to collect 7 (promo) pressings, including a ‘for your consideration’ sampler by DIPLO that includes the track.

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