When ageless icons give us the inside scoop on their trusted beauty tips and skincare routines, we pay close attention. And when said icons debut their own skincare lines? Well, we can hardly contain our excitement. Such is the case with Madonna’s line: MDNA SKIN. It’s not exactly new, per se, but it will be new to the U.S. population as of tomorrow, September 26. Do we have your attention yet?

Byrdie’s Editorial Director, Faith Xue, will be attending the official release tomorrow (and talking to the singer herself), to glean every juicy detail about the buzz-worthy skincare line. But in the meantime, we thought we’d share some helpful information about the line and why it just might give you the skin of your dreams—like an (answered) prayer. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Madonna’s MDNA SKIN line.  



To provide some background, MDNA was founded in 2014 in collaboration with Madonna, the renowned Tuscan spa town of Montecatini Terme, and MTG—a well-known Japanese beauty care company. The line was grounded in the goal to provide beauty solutions to enhance (not hide) one’s individuality.

We also love the brand’s message and goal of inclusivity: “People possess their own unique beauty, no matter what their age, nationality, or gender is. However, they may not see it when they look in the mirror because they are measuring themselves against a stereotypical ideal. We strive to provide the key to opening the door your intrinsic beauty so that you may discover your true potential and through invigorated confidence, even change the way you live.”

A bold statement? Yes. But also, we’re very much aware of the borderline life-altering effect that a good skin day can have. Thus, we’re intrigued. 



The skincare line is comprised of two different components which encourage the engagement of all five senses: a technology-based weekly “ritual” and a product-based daily “routine.” As of right now, the details are hush-hush, but we do know the routine will be composed of a face wash, rose mist, serum, eye mask, and eye serum. Additionally, the main ingredient in the line is called M.T. Parca, which, according to the official press release, “regulates functioning at a cellular level,” with main elemental components including sodium, chlorine, iodine, calcium, lithium, and phosphorous. 

Not what you were expecting? Us either. However, according to the brand, these ingredients are natural to our body’s composition and therefore essential to the maintenance and stimulation of the skin’s health on a cellular level. The benefits: a balanced pH level, optimum skin functioning, replenished hydration, improved sebum balance, and increased cell turnover.



Not surprisingly, the line will have some exclusivity as far as availability. As of September 26, you can shop for products at Barney’s New York and barneys.com or (FYI!) you can shop for them today on mdnaskin.us.

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