Madonna might be the key in bringing more LGBT events to Auburn.

Long-time Madonna fan Ray Isaac wants to use the iconic pop star to encourage fans of all genders out west with a rescreening of the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan at Auburn’s Reading Cinema.

“This is a completely gay-friendly venue and community, and I feel like a lot of people coming from Newtown might have this view of Auburn that is just totally wrong,” Mr Isaac said.

“Auburn is my home town, and I’ve taken Madonna shows everywhere and I don’t know why we always have to leave the suburb for our own kind of alternative fun.”

Mr Isaac has previously held Madonna tribute nights in the inner west including Broadway and Newtown and was asked to hold the screening closer to the CBD.

American singer-songwriter and actress Madonna posing on the set of the film Desperately Seeking Susan. New York, 1985 (Photo by Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

“I usually put my events on in the city, but I decided even though some of the fans wanted it there again, I wanted to give people in the west to chance to get in on the fun.

“It’s intimidating for people that are gay in Auburn to have to travel to Newtown, or even women or men that love Madonna out west; they should get a chance to celebrate our queen,” he said.

Rather than alienating, Mr Isaac wants the event to bring together fans that may not realise they have a common interest.

“Men, women, everyone gets dressed up, the fans are so loyal and love to have fun and they should feel comfortable to leave all the fear and insecurity at the door.

“But that’s not what we love about her. We love that she has no inhibitions and gives us confidence in ourselves.”

The screening will also include behind the scenes videos from the making of the film, cast interviews and a message from director Susan Seidelman.

Desperately Seeking Susan and the Madonna fan night will be held at Auburn’s Reading Cinemas on Saturday at 6pm.