After the report by Radar Online about M’s dancers ‘on strike’ here a take by former dancer Anthony Rue II on it

…’A couple of people have sent me post about this “Madonna Not Paying her Dancers News” Here is my 2 cent on the matter. I personally don’t trust ANY NEWS SOURCE 100% with the way they like to switch up stories for their gain. On the 2 TOURS that I was a dancer for MADONNA I and the rest of the Dancers were treated VERY WELL . She is known to be a “Diva” But I saw it as a hard worker.. Never was I disrespected or treated like “Just a dancer” . I ate well, got massages weekly, hung out at celeb private parties, never missed my perduim, and when I would the mgmt would come find me to make sure I had it. Was paid ON TIME WEEKLY the entire time I worked for her. NEVER had to ask for my money. I could list so much more good things … …… Sorry I cant back a news story with NO NAMES of the dancers with these claims ….. I don’t know what these dancers are going thru so I can’t say if its real or not. But to see people pick a side without facts is scary. Someone could come on here tomorrow and say ohhh Ant killed someone because they had a sweater around their waist and i guess some of yall would really believe it’

Taken from Facebook