We’re only midway through 2015 but it’s seems safe to declare this the year of Amy Schumer. She’s already hosted the MTV awards; the third season of Inside Amy Schumer has been sharper and funnier than ever; her movie Trainwreck will debut on July 17; and she’s even won a Peabody. What else is left? Opening for Madonna, of course.

Schumer tells EW that she’s a lifelong “huge, crazy” Madonna fan (the video she tweeted out—see below—of a young Amy Schumer singing ‘Like a Prayer’ backs this up). “I murdered all her albums,” she says. “It was the craziest thing. Chris Rock called me a couple of months ago and was like, ‘Madonna wants your phone number.’ I’m like, I can’t believe you have my phone number!”

Before she knew it, her Madgesty asked if she’d open for her in New York this September. “My answer was of course,” Schumer says. “There is no one in the world I’d want to open for more. I was just jumping up and down and called all my girlfriends from high school.”

And while she may be a little nervous—”These shows could be really rough for me because they’re waiting for Madonna and then I’m out there telling jokes”—she knows there’s one happy benefit to this gig. “I’m just excited to be close up to the stage and scream sing her songs.”

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