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My name is Hans Schaft and I am one of the webmasters of Madonnaunderground.

Together with Kimberly we started the website at the end of March 2006.

I remember that I bought the maxi single to ‘Like A Virgin’ together with my sister because we loved the song. She paid a part and so did I, we made a deal that I would have the record this week and she would have it the next. I paid my sister the other half back after two weeks because I couldn’t live without it. I became a true fan after seeing Live Aid in 1985. I was truly anticipating her performance, I had my video recorder ready to tape it all. When she came on and she sang her songs I was like ‘Why aren’t you singing ‘Like A Virgin’? But the show was so good, that I truly wrecked my tape by viewing it way too much. When ‘Into The Groove’ got a release I literally ran to the record store to buy the single. That was also when I first started to collect her singles, album, cassettes and of course later the cd’s!

Why Madonna?

It’s a question that I am being asked a lot. When I think of Madonna I think of her many different faces and her originality. Her music that always gets me in a good mood after I had a bad day, and to just stay who you are and keep believing in yourself. Seeing her live on stage is just the ultimate moment. You can never ever grow tired of Madonna, her tours are always so different. I have seen her live very often.

2 x Who’s That Girl Tour 1987

8 x Blond Ambition tour 1990

2 x Girlie Show 1993

1 x Drowned world tour 2001

7 x Re-Invention Tour 2004

1 x G-A-Y gig in November 2005

12x Confessions Tour 2006

1 x Live Earth London 2007

1 x Hard Candy showcase Paris May 2008

8 x Sticky & Sweet tour 2008

5 x Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009

13 x MDNA World tour 2012

1 x Opening Hard Candy Fitness Berlin October 17 2013

1 x Le Grand Journal + Meet & Greet with M, 2 March 2015

12 x Rebel Heart Tour 2015

You can read about my live experiences in ‘Live Reports’. Having friends who share the same passion is such a great thing, going to see her together in concerts or at other events. Visiting record fairs together, creating a website together etc. I got to know Kimberly through Steve Nelson, we first started to e-mail each other in 2001 and ever since we kept in touch. When Steve sadly passed away, we continued to stay in touch. Right before the Re-Invention Tour started we first met and became very good friends. We decided to create the site to share our enthusiasm with other Madonna fans. All of the pictures on this site are our own, as well as all of the Madonna items.

My collection is pretty big, I have hundreds of Madonna cd’s, and of course the vinyl, cassettes and so much more. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to collect everything out there on Madonna, so I just focus on her music (promo’s, different pressings etc). Magazines and other stuff aren’t really of interest, but when there’s an intresting article I will definitely buy it. The most personal is of course the tattoo of Madonna on my left arm. It’s the same image as printed on the ‘Who’s That Girl’ ticket in 1987. To this day it still is my favourite look and my very first live encounter with Madonna, so a very precious memory. and since October 17 2013 finally the tatt on my arm signed by Madonna herself.

I hope you have a lot of fun on our site, if you have a question or want to know more, you can always contact me.