Favourite Album: American Life

Favourite Song: Easy Ride

Favourite Tour: Madame X Tour

Favourite Look: Girlie Show era (short hair and blonde)

Favourite Movie: Who’s that Girl

Favourite Music Video: Human Nature

Favourite VHS/DVD/Laserdisc: The Virgin Tour (my first ever VHS!)

Favourite artwork: American Life era (red/black/white)

Favourite item in collection: the Re-Invention Tour t-shirt worn by Madonna during “Papa don’t Preach” and sent into the pit during “Crazy For You” … I got the one on September 1st (2004) in Paris Bercy (in one piece, in perfect condition!)

When did you became a fan?: I discovered Madonna through one of my uncles who was a DJ and who played the single “Holiday” quite often in clubs (1984) I finally succumbed to her charm during an English class where we were studying “Crazy for you” (1985)

First time you saw Madonna live: Who’s That Girl Tour at Parc de Sceaux in Paris (August 29, 1987)

Favourite Madonna memory: Working with Madonna on her film W./E. was an unforgettable experience. To be able to work with her for several days and see behind the scenes, the way she manages her teams and the

relentlessness she puts into her projects

Favourite live moment: Madonna’s entrance on The MDNA Tour is simply amazing, the staging is breathtaking. I have never seen anything so striking

How many times have you seen Madonna: 87 times… All tours except The Virgin Tour in ’85 and several promotional events

Your role in MadonnaUnderground: I contribute by posting news, but especially by bringing visuals (mainly photo’s and collector’s gadgets) as much as possible I facilitate the relationship with the French part of Madonna’s collaborations (for interviews for example)

Favourite MadonnaUnderground memory: The privileged meeting in restricted committee that we had with Madonna and the MU team during the taping of Le Grand Journal for the promotion of the album “Rebel Heart”. We had a real interaction with M and were able to thank her for all she has done for us over the years!

Final thought/comment: I’ve been a fan for almost 40 years, thanks to M I’ve traveled and I’ve met people from all over the world, some of them have become real friends. But most of all I met a new family with the MU team.