Favourite Album: Erotica

Favourite Song: Paradise (Not For Me)

Favourite Tour: Madame X Tour / The MDNA Tour (can’t choose)

Favourite Look: MDNA Tour opening section

Favourite Movie: Evita

Favourite Music Video: Bad Girl

Favourite VHS/DVD/Laserdisc: The Girlie Show: Live Down Under

Favourite artwork: Erotica

Favourite item in collection: Signed MDNA Skin poster

When did you became a fan?: In 1984 when I heard the “Like a Virgin” album for the first time

First time you saw Madonna live: Blond Ambition Tour 1990 in Rotterdam

Favourite Madonna memory: The whole Feb 5th (2020) Madame X show in London

Favourite live moment: The curfew, when she came back on stage. Also on the 5th in London (Madame X Tour)

How many times have you seen Madonna: 31x in concert, 1x during a event:
Blond Ambition Tour 1x
Drowned World Tour 1x
Re-Invention Tour 3x
Confessions Tour 3x
Sticky & Sweet ’08 3x
Sticky & Sweet ’09 2x
MDNA Tour 5x
Rebel Heart Tour 7x
Madame X Tour 6x
Medellin video premiere London

Your role in MadonnaUnderground: Searching for the latest news, writing reports, helping with releaseparties, finding vintage promo adverts/items for the website

Favourite releaseparty in FAME/Concerto: Madame X release in Concerto

Favourite MadonnaUnderground memory: Interviewing Tracy Young in Paris

Final thought/comment: Music makes the people come together! I’m very proud being a member of Madonnaunderground. It’s really great to see the positive feedback about Madonnaunderground. Happy to be a part of it.