Favourite Album: True Blue

Favourite Song: Too many, depends on the mood I’m in. Into The Groove up to Borderline,  Stay to White Heat

Favourite Tour: The Girlie Show

Favourite Look: 1985 look (Desperately Seeking Susan)

Favourite Movie: Desperately Seeking Susan

Favourite Music Video: Open Your Heart

Favourite VHS/DVD/Laserdisc: Ciao Italia!

Favourite item in collection: My diaries, drawing and painting of me and Madonna done by my father, signed MDNA Skin poster

When did you became a fan?: Because of her radiance, re-inventions and music (Holiday, Like a Virgin & Material Girl)

First time you saw Madonna live: Who’s That Girl Tour 1987 at De Kuip in Rotterdam

Favourite Madonna memory: First time at De Kuip (Who’s That Girl Tour, Blond Ambition at De Kuip in 1990, Girlie Show (first time seeing her in Paris) and first time Golden Circle during The Confessions Tour

Favourite live moment: Entrances to the Who’s That Girl Tour, Blond Ambition Tour, Girlie Show and Confessions Tour (and the eye contact during the latter)

How many times have you seen Madonna: Too many 😉

Your role in MadonnaUnderground: The resident DJ

Favourite releaseparty in FAME/Concerto: Madame X at Concerto (including DJ-ing) 

Favourite MadonnaUnderground memory: In the Golden Triangle with the entire team