Great news, pop music fans: A new Madonna music video is on the way.

We’ve known for a while now that new music from Madonna is on the way, with a new album slated for this year. Back in November, the pop icon was in the “final mixes” stage of wrapping up the album, which means a new album — or at the very least a new single — is likely to drop soon.

We also know that some familiar faces to the LGBTQ community — in the form of RuPaul’s Drag Racecompetitors — will be appearing in a new Madonna music video. The reason we know that, interestingly enough, is due to some drama made public over the weekend, involving a company that books and manages touring drag queen shows.

The public first caught wind of the rift with an Instagram post by Murray & Peter Present, a company that is currently touring the show Haters Roast: The Shady Tour 2019 — featuring a slew of popular Drag Race queens — around the United States and Canada through the end of March.

The post, referencing the new Madonna music video and presented as “breaking news,” went as follows:

Yesterday @monetxchange arrived in Denver to appear on our show. Sometime during the afternoon, we’re told she received a phone call from @madonna with an offer to be in an upcoming music video. Monet asked MP if it would be ok to leave the tour to accept the offer. We said no because it was too short notice to replace her on Haters. Just hours before the show was to start and without telling anyone including the other queens on the Denver show, Monet left the venue and flew to LA to accept Madonna’s offer. Therefore, we have decided that Monet will no longer be on any upcoming Haters Roast dates. Tour info at #mppresent #apologies#disappointed

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