Now six decades old and with ups and downs in his career, Madonna She continues to be the Queen of Pop even though millennials do not want to believe it; yes, there is Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé or Rihanna, but there is no one to put on you for a goddess like her on stage.

More than 500 million records sold, dozens of surgeries and beauty treatments, vegetarian diets, endless scandals and controversies, and much more than that, a great legacy in music, that’s why there is and there will never be anyone like her in the entire history of pop. But among all their successes there are collaborations that border on the bizarre, some were with ex-boyfriends, others with the daughters of filmmakers and some more with promises on stage that would end up being legends in their genre.

1. No one remembers the romance with Vanilla Ice

Does anyone remember Vanilla Ice beyond Ice Ice Baby? Very few remember that he managed to link up with Madonna and even collaborate with a low profile in a video with high sexual content (the mere mass of the Queen of Pop). A gem where Isabella Rossellini, Big Daddy Kane and Naomi Campbell (the sensation of modeling in the nineties) also appear.

2. A lost track with Tupac Shakur

Another one in the singer’s long list of loves. The relationship with Tupac went as far as the rapper’s proposal to have a child with her before he was killed. The best evidence of their romance is the letter she planned to auction and Madonna wanted to prevent, which the rapper wrote to her from prison and reveals why she broke up with the pop star.

3. Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna, and Was (Not Was)

The strange thing about this version is that Madonna and Ozzy were never together in the studio; she recorded those in the 80s, when she was not famous. A decade later, Was (Not Was) asked permission to relaunch ‘Shake your Head’, but the singer refused and Kim Basinger stepped in for her.

To make a long story short, in a 1992 remix Madonna’s voice was ‘accidentally’ used and heard in the part that says ‘and you can’t put your finger on the truth’. They never paid royalties for this ‘collaboration’.

4. Sofia Coppola and her partying with Madonna

Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter loved to party with Madonna, both decided to bring their pachanga to reality in ‘Deeper and Deeper’ where they show their debauchery in the purest style of Studio 54. Another controversial video featuring porn director Chi Chi LaRue and actress Debi Mazar.

5. The weirdness he did with Björk

A collaboration of the Icelandic swan with Madonna in 1993 and with bizarre touches that characterize her. Just because she was the queen of pop, it was one of the rare times that Björk only wrote the song and was not involved in the recording process. A jewel!

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