On May 11, 1985, Madonna reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with her first big ballad, “Crazy for You.” The song helped cement her status as a bona fide pop star. She had already raised some eyebrows with “Like a Virgin” in November 1984, but “Crazy for You” was a big departure from her usual sexy dance-pop sound, marking her first foray into the world of sentimental songs.

Madonna, however, was a little-known artist when she signed on to sing “Crazy for You.” The song, recorded in 1983, was part of the soundtrack for the movie Vision Quest. This coming-of-age sports drama was then delayed for more than a year, which meant Madonna’s second album, Like a Virgin, hit record stores months before the film made it to the theaters. Teenage fans had already started wearing rubber bracelets, rosaries and racy outfits by the time Vision Quest debuted in February 1985. Here are a few fun facts about the making of the song:

“Crazy for You” was a bigger hit than the movie it came from

Vision Quest stars Matthew Modine as a high school wrestler who decides to go up against the most feared opponent in the state. But equal time on screen was devoted to Modine pursuing an older woman played by Linda Fiorentino. In all, Vision Quest brought in just over $12 million, according to Box Office Mojo. The filmmakers even tried to capitalize on the success of the song, retitling the picture Crazy for You when it was released in England and several other countries.

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