Jeremy Scott on Madonna: Truth or Dare and feeling seen
“Growing up in a small town where I was ostracised for loving fashion and being gay, seeing a global superstar be so unabashedly pro-gay made me feel seen; understood; like I mattered, and that all the bigotry I was experiencing was just a microcosm of the larger world that I had yet to discover. Before there were allies, there was only Madonna: she was gorgeous, talented, provocative. She wore the coolest clothes and loved the gays! The documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991) was an opportunity to glimpse behind the curtain into her life and it gave me confidence. Beyond all the emotions I have about the film, it is a great work of art about an amazing artist at the top of her game in the eye of the storm called pop culture! Plus, there’s a lot of great cameo moments — from the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier himself and his wonderful costumes for her tour, and not to mention those iconic Fluevog platform heels — it’s a wonderful portrait of high fashion from the start of the 1990s.”

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