When Madonna releases a new album, it isn’t so much an event as it is an international holiday.

Her Madgesty is now on her 13th studio album. 2012′s MDNA gave us just a little bit of the life we needed for the icon’s 12th release, but of course we wanted more. It’s only natural, given this is a woman who has consistently reinvented herself for three decades straight.

Now it’s 2014, which feels like the perfect time for her to drop off a new project and deliver that breed of cross-genre pop that only she can provide.

Details on the album thus far have been hit or miss: While other websites have speculated by way of Instagram posts and other random clues, Idolator played detective and dug up even more info on the album. Of course, nothing is conclusive since this is Madge, but we do have enough information to at the very least be excited for the project.

So without further ado, let’s see what we have in store from the Queen Of Pop herself.

10. The Album Is Already Done…Or Nah?

Back in April, fashion photogs Mert & Marcus put a pic up of Madonna on Instagram, rolling her tongue and looking like a sexy Greek goddess with leaves behind her ears. The caption read: “In my room listening to the NEW ALBUM!!!!! Im DYING!!!!!! LET ME LOVE YOU FROM INSIDE OUT ????????” However, going back into the photo now — the caption has been deleted! What gives?! Are we led to believe that the album isn’t done after all? Or maybe Madge switched up some tracks since then? Probably a combination of both. This is Madonna, and she does whatever the f#@$ she wants. (Imagine the text she sent to Mert & Marcus getting them to delete that photo?)

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