A year has passed since Madonna released Madame X on June 14, 2019 and the world is a very different place. We’ve had a global pandemic, UFOs and a righteous uprising of citizens demanding change and justice. It’s noteworthy then, that the Queen of Pop’s 14th album feels more timely now than it did upon release. Madame X is essentially a protest album that simmers with fury and frustration about the state of the world. For every fluffy bop, there are two or three hard-hitting tracks about racism, gun violence and LGBTQ+ rights.

To celebrate Madonna’s prescient album, I’ve rounded up some pics from the utterly chaotic Madame X era. It was triumphant (her performance at the Billboard Music Awards), infuriating (we need to have a long conversation about the Madame X Tour one of these days) and controversial (toe-gate and many other mini-scandals). But that’s what makes it special. With all due respect to other legendary divas of a certain age, their new releases come and go without making a ripple. Madonna still has the girls seeing red and that’s what makes her legendary.

Revisit some of the highlights of the Madame X era in our gallery up top. You also might want to revisit my album review here and watch the mind-melting “Medellín” video for the umpteenth time below.

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