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Virgin Tour shirt offences principal (1985)

When wearing a Madonna Virgin Tour shirt gets you suspended from school

“When Rachel, the shirt on her back, walked into the office of Harrison school principal Gary Friedland to ask him a question “he told her she would be suspended; that’s the word he used, ”  said Mrs. Dior. “She was hysterical when I got there 45 minutes later.”

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The Courier News June 22, 1985 (USA)

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Rebel Heart Tour Berlin photo gallery (November 11, 2015)

Madonna performed the second and final show in Berlin of the Rebel Heart Tour on November 11, 2015. Starting the show late at 10.20pm she did not perform the 80s medley but a fantastic “Like a Prayer” instead.

Rita Ora was the Unapologetic Bitch wearing a skirt with a split to which Madonna asked “what’s that…..easy access?”

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Rebel Heart Tour Berlin photo gallery (November 10, 2015)

Madonna played the first of two nights of her Rebel Heart Tour in Berlin on November 10, 2015 at the Mercedes Benz Arena. Right before the show Madonna’s son Rocco was hanging around on the floor with friends, talking to girls in the audience. Whenever a Madonna fan approached him, he turned his back and walked the other way, it was obvious he didn’t want to be ‘bothered.’

Idris Elba (“Luther”) was tonight’s pre-show DJ as well as the one and only unapologetic bitch. Madonna performed “Secret” and “Rebel Heart” after the 80s medley, skipping “Who’s That Girl.”

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Stern-looking Madonna starts first concert tour (Virgin Tour Seattle review, 1985)

We will be adding a whole lot of original articles on Madonna’s Virgin Tour (1985) from American newspapers in the following weeks. Starting off with this report on Madonna’s opening night in Seattle.

“Madonna looked grim, but the fans were delighted when the rock star made her first major concert appearance to kick off her Virgin Tour..”

This has been added to The Virgin Tour.

The Arizona Republic April 12, 1985 (USA)

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Love Don’t Live Here Anymore 5-track Remix EP out now

Stream “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” now on all digital platforms

01. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Remix Edit) 4:03
02. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Soulpower Radio Remix Edit) 4:04
03. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Hot Mix Radio Edit) 4:51
04. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Soulpower Radio Remix Version) 4:45
05. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Remix) 4:55

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