Whatever Madonna says, goes — and she’s saying never settle for less.

On Thursday, Paramount+ is releasing a clip with PEOPLE from the icon’s highly anticipated documentary titled Madame X, set to premiere on Friday. In the video clip, fans can watch Madonna on stage during her world tour with her daughters Mercy, 15, and twins Estere and Stella, 9, among others — as they sing along to her hit “Express Yourself.”

At the opening of the video, Madonna, 63, brings Mercy into the spotlight and puts her arm around her as she says, “I try to raise my children to believe that we never have to settle for second best. Ever.”

She continued, “We deserve only the best, each and every one of us. So if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 100 thousand times.”

“Don’t go for second best baby / Put your love to the test,” she sings, as her background singers and the audience joins along. “You know, you know you’ve got to / Make him express how he feels and maybe / Then you’ll know your love is real.”

“Express yourself,” sings Mercy, as she and Madonna trade off on the mic.

The queen of pop first announced her documentary in July — which will document her last world tour, an intimate yet theatrical outing that brought her alter-ego Madame X to life. During this tour, she performed her greatest hits — along with songs from her fourteenth studio album, also titled Madame X.

Madame X

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