Hot enough for ya? From the constant heat of Florida to the Midwest scorchers and finally the triple-digit temperatures in the Southwest, 2017 has been another year of burning up, but it’s nothing new as in the ’80s we were Burning Upwith Madonna.

For the longest time we didn’t profile Madonna on Lost and Found until 2016 when we spotlighted Gambler. Today we go back to 1983 for the single Burning Up that gets very little airplay on retro radio stations.

Even though most heard Burning Up first as an album track on Madonna’s 1983 self-titled release, her humble beginnings started off a year earlier with two singles. Both Everybody from 1982 and Burning Up from 1983 did not hit the pop charts but were big hits on the NYC clubs with Burning Up hitting No. 3 on Billboard Dance Charts.

The video for Burning Up is considered the start of the Madonna image with her DYI fashions such as wearing typewriter belts as bracelets. It was also the beginning of the Madonna sexual image of being the woman in charge always getting the upper hand against her male suitors. In the Burning Up video, Madonna’s then-boyfriend Ken Compton plays the man in the sports car who presumably gets bamboozled by Madonna in the end as Madonna goes from writhing on the road to driving Compton’s vehicle.

After Madonna’s very public vocal disapproval of President Trump at the beginning of the year, 2017 has seen very little of Madonna, probably since in March she adopted 4-year-old twin girls from Malawi.

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