Popstar Kavana

Can you imagine missing a phone call from pop superstar Madonna? Well that once happened to Middleton singer Kavana.

The Lucky Star and Into The Groove singer was keen to meet Kav, who found fame in the 1990s with hits including I Can Make You Feel Good and MFEO.

But he ignored her call because her number showed up as unavailable on his mobile phone. He found out it was Madonna calling when he listened back to a message she left on his phone, mocking him for missing the call.

Madonna in the 80s

Speaking to Gaby Roslin on the ITV morning show Lorraine, Kav said: “I was at my mum and dad’s place 12 years ago. I became friends with a director that knew Madonna.

“My phone rang and it was an unavailable call. I thought ‘I don’t need to answer that’.

“It was Madonna. She said “Hi Kavana. We were going to invite you round here tonight but you didn’t answer the phone call. So long sucker.”

Kav, who made a comeback last year with the supergroup 5th Story, is excited to bereleasing his new track Deja Vu, his first single in 16 years.

The 50s-themed rock and roll inspired video stars his Celebrity Big Brother pal Katie Price and was filmed at Burnage Community Centre in April.

The former Cardinal Langley RC School pupil told presenter Gaby: “We needed a 50s sweetheart to be in the video and I dropped her a text. She was brilliant.”

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