…’Now if only he could meet Madonna. Díaz is such a big fan that he has a tattoo on his upper right arm of Madonna from her 1992 Sex book.

He recalled meeting Madonna’s daughter Mercy in a store in L.A. The pop singer’s daughter was shopping with a nanny, who recognized Díaz. “The nanny was really nice and asked to take a picture of me,” he said. “Then I say to the nanny that I have a tattoo of Mercy’s mother on my arm. And she’s like, ‘Let me see!’ and I’m showing the nanny, and the nanny is like, ‘Mercy, look!’ And I’m showing Mercy the tattoo of her mother, and Mercy just stares at me and stares at the tattoo. It was crazy. I was like, what the f–k? I just showed Madonna’s daughter a tattoo of her mother.”

Taken from article by E Online