Currently the builders are working very hard in order to set up the stage. This will be the first venue where the construction of the Rebel Heart Tour stage will be a bit different from previous shows due to the capacity of the venue (being a lot bigger than previous locations). Catwalk should remain the same but the sides to the stage might be extended.

They have to get it all ready in order for the soundcheck planned for tomorrow afternoon, there is stil a lot to be done. All of the Early Entry ticket holders have received an e-mail stating that the picking up of the wristbands will be done at 14.30 at Nr. 10. You can choose to either queue after that, or leave and come back when the doors open. The message specifies dressing up to keep warm as the waiting will be outdoors and it’s cold in Stockholm.

Billboards to promote the show haven’t been spotted as of yet or other announcements, nothing in the newspapers still.

Thanks to Caroline on location

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